Cordyceps knowledge

 Natural ingredients:

  • 17 to 19 types of amino acid
  • Protein, fat, sugar derivatives (D-mannitol), lipid 
  • Cordycepic acid, adenosine and polysaccharides
  • Vitamins (B12, B1, B2, E, A, C and K)

 How to use

  • Cordyceps with hot tea or hot water

Pour boiling water into a pot of Cordyceps sinensis (1-3 pieces). Wait and drink it when it cool down.(Color of the extract will be light brownish color). Lastly, consume the Cordyceps directly.

  • Cordyceps with alcohol

In this way, you can extract many of nutrients found in Cordyceps. When you use with liquor, it will be absorbed faster than other drinks and cordyceps will affect more. 

Soak 10g of cordyceps with alcohol from 40 to 45 degree, cover up and incubate it for 30 days. Have a small amount of 15-30ml each day, it will help to improve your state of health. 

  • Stew with meat or soup based

Cordyceps and stew are the best to eat together, but be aware that Cordyceps cannot be stewed too long, as nutrients can be easily lost through prolonging boiling.

 Preservation methods

Keep in a cool and dry place (ideally ~ 10 degrees).

Certification of origin

Cerfication form Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulator Authority (BAFRA).